Our zoo! The pups are Klaus and Nomi. Cotton is the white fluffers in the middle and the two kitty sisters are Cowboy and Bebop. Don't forget to rescue! There are so many furry friends who need a home. 

Meet Momoko Hime, my parent's mame shiba. We call her Momo-chan for short. You can follow her on Instagram at @Momokohime12

Momochan is wearing a handmade Kimono that my mum and aunt made for her. She wore it to my solo show,   Metamorphosis , at Century Guild . 

My First little hellion is Emu. She sadly passed away in December 2014 but will always have a special place in my heart. She would sit on my lap while I worked at my jewelry bench or was always close by while I work on my artwork. I love my animals!